Meet the Team

Bill O'Brien - President PE, CFM, QSD

PE, CFM, QSD, Professional Civil Engineer, Professional Environmental Engineer

 Bill has over 25 years of professional experience in engineering, planning, and design for water resources and land use. Bill founded NextGen Engineering in 2012 

Ian Wan - Planner, Project Manager

Land Use Planning, Environmental Planning, Certified planner, Urban Planner

 Ian is a planner committed to providing change for communities and has worked with low income, senior, youth, adult, disabled, and ethnic communities. This work has been completed as a direct provider as well as a program developer and researcher. 

Kiamani Castaneda - Business Manager

Business Manager, Analytics, Accounting, Business Development, Marketing, Community Development

 Kiamani brings over 10 years of knowledgeable and effective administration, analytics and efficiency solution experience to our team. She actively seeks innovative solutions and superior service that our company can pass on to our internal and external clients. 

Garrett Erickson - Assistant Engineer/ Hydro-geologist

Geologist, Hydro Geology, Technical Writing, Civil Engineering

 Garrett’s training and experience includes technical report writing, primary investigation of geology, groundwater, field orienteering, and cartography. Garrett brings to the table a fresh set of eyes on water resources with experience monitoring and modeling surface and groundwater flow relations. 

Sara Harders - Assistant Engineer

Assistant Engineer, GIS, ArcGis, HecRAS, Design Engineer, AutoCAD, Hydraulic Modeling, Drafter

 Sara is a recent graduate from the University of Arizona with a Master’s degree in Biosystems Engineering and Professional GIST Graduate Certificate. She specializes in remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). Sara’s experience includes technical writing, watershed engineering, erosion control, and ecohydrology. 

Bryce Kirkpatrick - Assistant Engineer


 Bryce is an Assistant Engineer (EIT) with experience in soil/water resource engineering, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), coding, along with technical writing and mechanics of fluids. With a background in microbial analysis he has the ability to tackle water quality issues effectively. Bryce holds a MS Degree in Biosystems Engineering from the University of Arizona.  

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